1. Water Treatment System

Water treatment is an advanced and technology-driven approach which requires a fully-equipped partner with broad expertise in pump technology, dosing, disinfection solutions, and integrated systems for the entire process. The process includes ultrafiltration, seawater reverse osmosis and brackish water reverse osmosis, ion-exchange, etc. We offer a range of high-quality products and services for each stage of the water treatment cycle whether it’s for packaged solutions or even individual products

2. Commercial Buildings

This segment includes hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, office towers, and airports, each has immensely different requirements. The applications include air-conditioning and cooling, heating, fire protection, pressure boosting, and wastewater management. By formulating the perfect solution for each and every project, we guarantee optimal comfort and safety while providing advanced energy efficiency

3. Government Projects

We offer a full line of complete solution designed specifically for water utility applications. This includes raw water intake, water distribution, wastewater transport, and flood control. We ensure every complex project get the expertise they require for an optimized project execution.

4. Industrial Projects

We supply a wide range of pump systems and solutions for industrial processes, industrial utilities, and system builders & OEMs. Building the perfect solution for specific industrial applications is our main goal, therefore we have built a formula to combine competencies within customization and engineering with system integration and built-in intelligence.

This includes water supply, boiler, cooling, fire protection, mining processes, washing and cleaning, etc.

5. Electrical Panel

In reaching our target to become an even better One Stop Solution provider for water management, we have assigned a specific team of brilliant engineers and technicians in charge of this segment. Our team only work using high-quality and genuine products and the fabrication process is one in a skilled and professional manner. We guarantee top system erformance and safety while alsoproviding complete customizable products.

6. EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

7. Hydrant Fire Fighting System