Expert Authorized Dealer in Mechanical & Electrical Systems

Being one of the longest-running authorized dealers, our group has the experiences & technical skills to accommodate the best quality of commodities and services for our clients.

We are committed in conducting the business based on good ethic, responsibility, professionalism and integrity. Our goal is not merely on providing good quality products, but we also focusing in maintaining the availability of our genuine spare parts for the customers.

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After Sales Services & Supports

Our certified technicians provide on-site and in-shop repairs for any major pump brands including those used in large-scale water utility and industrial systems.

Through integrated and excellent quality control system, we can provide full guarantee for our products and after sales services.

Energy Check / Audit & Optimisation

An Energy check provides clients with a little extra knowledge of the overview of the life cycle costs of one or more pumps / panels; facilitating decisions on pump / panel replacement and ultimately cutting your energy consumption, benefiting the financials and the environment.

Clients will then receive a detailed report and recommendations that can be used for further analysis or as a basis for pump / panel system modifications or replacement.


  • Accurate information on energy consumption.
  • Improved environmental profile.
  • Your facility will meet design standards for energy using products on circulators and pump motors.
  • Considerable savings on running costs.
  • Significant reductions to installation carbon footprint.
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Service Contract

Save time, money, and resources by getting maintenance and system checks and analysis by the experienced  professionals. We provide a Service Contract to make sure your installation is running in top condition and in an energy-efficient manner for a fixed fee.


  • Optimised and reliable system operation (including pumps, electrical panels, media, etc).
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Minimum administration regarding installation service and maintenance.
  • Breakdown prevention and quick response from our experienced technicians.
  • Predictable service and maintenance cost.
  • Increased system lifetime.

Water Utility EPC

We have been existing and thriving in the water utility sector for almost 3 decades, developing and enhancing our expertise over time. We have assembled a team of our finest engineers and technicians to support with the creation and completion process of a whole project; from designing, drawing up plan, selecting the tools & materials, fabrication & manufacturing, installation, and lastly test & commissioning.

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